Poetic Translations

Conversations across the plurality of Arts disciplines in Visual Arts Exhibitions

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Date:16th-17th December 2020
Venue: Organised by Solent University, delivered online

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Book your free tickets for the 17th of December

Programme Outline

16 Wednesday

9.30 – 10.00 – Welcome and Introduction (Dr. Nicola Foster)

10:00 to 11:00: 3 papers -15 min each, 5 min Q and A

Medium specificity – Chair Dr. Flavia Loscialpo with Laura Leahy

One Medium Through Another: Displacement and Criticism in OctoberMatthew BowmanUniversity of Suffolk
Table for five.Moncomble PhilippineArchitect
The Plurality of Plasma: BioArt as
Translation Medium
Blue GrindrodDesigner, multimedia artist
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11:00 to 11:15 Discussion

11:20- to 12:20 : 3 papers – 15 min each, 5 min Q and A

Activism – performance – Chair Dr. Tom Slevin with Maja Hill and Denise Clark

History, translation and critical dissensus: Exploring the political potential of artist residencies in museumsAlex ReynoldsPoole Museum, Dorset
One000plateaus: cross-disciplinary happenings and the radical ontology of utopian poeticsRoy HanneySolent University
The activation of performance art
works as a translation process
Daniela Felix

Martins Bianca Tinoco
University of Brasília(UnB)

University of Brasília (UnB)
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12:20 to 12:40 Discussion

14.00 – 15:20: 4 papers 15 min each, 5 min Q and A

Translation across mediums – Dr. Atsu Ito with Matthew Keehan and Emma Justice

Translating from one art to another, Richter’s trans-artistic landscapeAnthi-Danaé SpathoniCentre Pompidou, Paris
From Canvas into the Theatre
Magritte – The Cloud Man
Zsanett LengyelUniversity of Pécs, Hungary
Abanindranath Tagore’s Khuddur
Jatra: a creative
adventure at the crossroads of
Rupsa Kundu

Art historian

Reference, Figurativity, and
Performativity: Translational
Poetics of Marina Abramović
“Seven Easy Pieces
Egri PetraUniversity of Pécs, Hungary
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15:25 – 15:55 Discussion

16:00 – 17:00

Keynote Speaker

Nicky Marsh
Professor of English Studies
Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
University of Southampton

17 Thursday

10:00 – 11:45 : 5 papers 15 min each, 5 min Q and A

Translating exhibitions – Chair Dr. Nicola Foster with Sylvia Schlegel and Deborah Goatly-Birch

On Translations – a Curatorial Project on confusion and hesitationCarolina RitoCoventry University
Museum and Novel in dialogue:
Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of
Maja HillSolent University
Layers of translation and
transaction between book and
exhibition: W. G. Sebald’s The
Rings of Saturn and ‘Lines of Sight:
Sebald’s East Anglia’ at Norwich
Castle Museum
Pat Hurrell

University of Suffolk

5 min break

Mindful Circulations:
Rethinking Curatorial Practice with
Benjamin, LeGuin and Césaire
Kerstin WinkingLeiden University, Netherlands
Restaging as Translation: Reconstructing Palle Nielsen’s ‘The Model- A Model for Qualitative Society’ (1968)Dudley, Laura E.University of Leicester & Derby Museums
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11:45 to 12:15 Discussion

14:00 to 15:20 4 papers 15 min each, 5 min Q and A

Translating across literature poetry and art – Chair Dr. Matthew Bowman with Michelle Pocok

A Completed Portrait of Abstract Expressionist Film: An Adaptation of a Poem By Gertrude SteinCarl SchmitzIndependent art historian
Lines of transition: Translation in
the work of Cy Twombly
Nadine HenrichFreie Universität Berlin
Lygia Clark’s Caminhando:
Painting, sculpture and
participation through the lens of
Andrew ChesherChelsea College of Arts, London
Mario Giacomelli translatorIrene CaravitaIndependent Art Historian
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15:20 to 15: 40 Discussion

15:45 to 16.15: 2 papers max 10 min, 5min Q and A

Translation as art practice – Chair Dr. Sebastian Hegarty with India Lawton

“READING… entre les lignes”Ingrid CogneAcademy of Fine Arts Vienna
CatChat: A Translational
Enterprise of an Inter-Species
Poetic Exchange at a Fictitious
Michal B. Ron,

Hannah Bruckmüller,

Noa Ginzburg
independent art historian

Independent art historian

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Concluding Notes